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Valentina Orlova, Head of the Intellectual Property and Trademarks Practice at Pepeliaev Group, has been named as 'IP Star in Trademarks'
Topics: TerraLex Members,
Frank Palmay examines the financial and reputational risks cyber-attacks pose for CEOs and Boards in today’s interconnected economy. Likening the recent proliferation of online attacks and tools to Ebola, Palmay describes what organizations can do to combat what has become a highly organized and sophisticated crime industry. Following the lead of US government and other global initiatives, management should look at solutions, which involve organizing technical, legal and public relations...
Topics: Information Technology / Computer Law, Insurance,
As of 1 November 2014 the new Law on Currency Exchange Operators took effect. The Law on Currency Exchange Operators is expected to improve the investment climate in Lithuania as foreign companies will now be allowed to provide currency exchange services and thus get into the Lithuanian market without the necessity of setting up banks or credit unions or the like, which hitherto has not been possible.
Topics: Finance & Banking,
Law Practitioners are the gatekeepers responsible to protect the “gates” of the financial system. Their services can be used or rather misused in numerous ways to facilitate money laundering and terrorist financing. The Financial intelligence Unit of Mauritius has come up with guidelines on the measures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.
Topics: Professional Responsibility / Ethics, Criminal Law / White Collar Crime,
In the beginning of October, the Fourth Circuit issued an unpublished opinion holding a debt collector’s autodialed calls to a residential landline with VoIP service violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, due to the fact that the consumer was charged for each call.
Topics: Litigation (Civil, Business and Commercial),
This article serves as an introduction and guide for businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits of setting up in the Cayman Islands Special Economic Zone
Topics: Cyberspace Law / E-Commerce / Internet Law, Communications Law / Media Law, Business Organizations, Capital Markets / Securities Law / Commodity Trading,
Through publication of Law No.6545 which is known as “Omnibus Bill” in Turkish practice, numerous amendments have become effective on certain laws. However, it is surely beyond doubt that the most significant development under the Omnibus Bill is the restructuring of public receivables which enables the taxpayers to restructure their public debts (e.g.; direct and indirect taxes, custom duties, social security premiums and etc.). The public debts which have become accrued before...
Topics: Taxation,
Non-profits need to be prepared to deal with data security and privacy concerns and understand their compliance obligations for managing personally identifiable information (PII). With some proactive analysis, relevant organizational policies and processes, employee and volunteer training, appropriate technical controls, and a documented incident response plan, non-profits can be prepared to deal with these issues appropriately.
Topics: Information Technology / Computer Law, Not-For-Profit Organizations / Tax Exempt Entities,
Foreign commercial entities in expansion in the global markets that perform sales in the retail market through the internet need to satisfy the need to render a post-sale service, and make all warranties of the products sold online effective. Therefore, due to the lack of existence of a specific framework in Guatemala, they need to be familiar with the application of the local tax and customs internal regulation.
Topics: Taxation, Commercial Transactions and Finance / Consumer Transactions,
Hassans announces the long-awaited commencement of the new Insolvency Act 2011. The Act meets a number of fundamental objectives which have been in gestation for a number of years. Hassans' David Dumas QC formed part of the working party during the final stages of drafting prior to the formal enactment in 2011 and now examines the Act with his team in further detail.
Topics: Bankruptcy/Insolvency,
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