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Multinational groups of companies increasingly organise their business in matrices and less and less based on limits imposed by the corporate relationships of the respective legal entities. The following series shall explain in what way this falls under the scope of German employment and labour law.
Topics: Employment / Labor Law,
The ongoing case originally brought by a Texas community bank and two conservative political groups, challenging the Dodd-Frank Act has been dismissed by a federal judge. The court held that the bank, as well as the eleven states and two conservative groups, did not have legal standing to challenge the Act.
Topics: Administrative Law, Litigation (Civil, Business and Commercial), Capital Markets / Securities Law / Commodity Trading, Finance & Banking,
This article addresses a recent decision in the Canadian courts concerning the liability of a Canadian multinational mining company for activities in foreign countries.
Topics: Business Organizations,
The Supreme Court’s ruling that the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 (DOMA) is unconstitutional will affect a myriad of federal laws, as its definition of “marriage” and “spouse” no longer apply only to those in opposite-sex married couples. Following is a summary of some of the issues raised by the ruling related to employer-sponsored health and retirement benefits for employees and their same-sex spouses that will need to be addressed by companies.
Topics: Administrative Law, Employee Benefits / Retirement Schemes / Welfare Benefits, Employment / Labor Law,
The article provides an introduction to the expropriation regime in Turkish law for investors. Turkish expropriation legislation provides a negotiation, price determination and seizure structure that allows investors to better manage real property investments in certain sectors that necessitate the acquisition of rights to large areas of private property. Moreover, the article covers the immediate expropriation procedure under Turkish law that allows the use of real property at the beginning...
Topics: Real Property,
At the World Cup set to take place in Russia in 2018, 32 national teams will play 64 matches over a period of 1 month. Now, a legislative framework has been created to ensure the performance of obligations of the Russian Federation set out in the guarantees given to FIFA. This includes the Programme published by the Russian Sports Ministry for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The document was issued under the authority conferred by Presidential Decree No. 282 dated 25 March 2013.
Topics: Entertainment and Sports Law,
The Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions recently sent a notice to a Virginia company that purchases Bitcoin, demanding that it demonstrate how it is not operating as an unlicensed money transmitter. If unable to do so, it could be subject to regulation under Chapter 19 of Title 6.2 of the Code of Virginia, which, among other things, requires licensing, bonding, and further examination and regulation by the Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions. Such a determination may also create...
Topics: Administrative Law, Cyberspace Law / E-Commerce / Internet Law, Finance & Banking,
In India, alternative dispute resolution has recently gained popularity in the realm of intellectual property rights’ protection. This article explores the use of such alternative legal mechanisms for the protection of such rights.
Topics: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property,
Following more than a year of extensive comment by banks and state and federal banking associations, the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and OCC have adopted the final rules for implementation of the Basel III capital requirements.
Topics: Administrative Law, Finance & Banking,
"Private enforcement of competition law in the EU will receive a welcome boost as a result of proposed legislation by the EU Commission and the UK Government that includes long awaited proposals for collective antitrust damages actions."
Topics: Litigation (Civil, Business and Commercial), Antitrust & Competition Law/Unfair Competition,
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