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Many insurers and reinsurers are following the anti-Government demonstrations in Thailand with significant interest given the heavy financial costs to the industry which followed the previous round of protests in 2010. In this briefing we highlight some relevant issues which (re)insurers may wish to bear in mind as the current situation unfolds.
Topics: Litigation (Civil, Business and Commercial),
Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has recently provided guidance on the scope of Canada’s monopolization, or abuse of dominant market position law, which may significantly increase risks for dominant firms.
Topics: Antitrust & Competition Law/Unfair Competition,
Companies engaged in business activity in Ukraine should be aware of the latest changes in data protection regulation. This will help simplify business processes and avoid accidental violations.
Topics: Privacy / Use of Personal Information,
Since the LIBOR scandal broke in June 2012, there has been a significant level of expectation regarding the potential legal claims to which it may give rise. This expectation has amplified as other banks have been implicated and reports have emerged of investigations into the manipulation of other benchmark rates, most notably ISDAFIX. RPC is working with institutional investors and sophisticated counterparties....
Topics: Finance & Banking,
This article addresses recent amendments to various tax provisions under the Mexican mining tax regime and the resulting new burdens for title holders of mining concessions.
Topics: Taxation, Energy and Natural Resources Law,
The federal government’s long-awaited Cybersecurity Framework offers promising tools for energy companies to manage their cybersecurity risk, but leaves many questions unanswered. This article provides an overview of the Framework, identifies some of the material changes from the preliminary Framework issued by NIST in October 2013, and discusses some of the Framework’s implications for the energy industry.
Topics: Cyberspace Law / E-Commerce / Internet Law, Energy and Natural Resources Law,
In the current competitive economy with the ever-growing globalisation process the issue of knowledgeable employees fleeing to rival businesses or setting up competitive businesses of their own has become highly relevant. One of the main ways for the Lithuanian employer to seek protection and indemnification in such situations is the employee’s covenant not to compete...
Topics: Employment / Labor Law,
On December 18, 2013, as directed under the U.S. Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act that became law April 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission released proposed rules to implement Title IV of the JOBS Act that would modernize and upgrade the SEC’s Regulation A for capital raises. Now known as Regulation A+, the rules enable mini-public offerings of up to $50 million annually and should appeal to young companies that...
Topics: Capital Markets / Securities Law / Commodity Trading,
The maelstrom that has hit the banking world continues. This article provides a whistle stop tour of banking litigation trends in England since the onset of the global financial crisis, and looks ahead to see what the future now holds for financial services litigation
Topics: Litigation (Civil, Business and Commercial), Finance & Banking,
Companies engaged in litigation outside the U.S. should become familiar with 28 U.S.C. § 1782, a provision that permits litigants to petition a U.S. district court for discovery in support of a foreign litigation. Non-U.S. entities can obtain America-style discovery from a U.S. entity, even if such discovery would not be available through foreign courts. U.S. entities should also be aware that they may be subjected to...
Topics: Litigation - U.S., Intellectual Property,
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