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The Civil Code, valid in the Czech Republic since 1st January 2014, newly regulates non-competition clauses, in other words, clauses that limit one of the contractual parties in competitive activities. In particular, the new regulation sets forth that the non-competition clause must be sufficiently specific and must not be continued for a period which is longer than necessary; its maximum length cannot be more than five years. According to certain legal experts, this provision will...
Topics: Antitrust & Competition Law/Unfair Competition,
A referendum on Scottish independence will take place in September 2014. A “yes” vote would have potentially significant consequences for Scotland, the United Kingdom and the EU, and would raise a number of complex legal questions.
Topics: Administrative Law,
Topics: Criminal Law / White Collar Crime, Employment / Labor Law,
While subscription finance transactions generally tend to follow a similar pattern, there are some important differences between offshore jurisdictions in how the collateral package is assembled. The majority of offshore fund vehicles entering into these types of credit facility are established in the Cayman Islands and in Guernsey (and sometimes structures will include both of these jurisdictions). This note therefore concentrates on the typical collateral package where the relevant offshore...
Topics: Commercial Transactions and Finance / Consumer Transactions,
A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice confirms that the labour law concepts and resulting liability for related or predecessor companies may extend into the employment law sphere. As a result, a company may potentially be liable as the “employer” of an individual who was never actually employed by that entity.
Topics: Employment / Labor Law,
The Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division recently issued a joint policy statement designed to “make it clear that they do not believe that antitrust is, or should be, a roadblock to legitimate cybersecurity information sharing.” The release made headlines globally, but the real story is that the risk of antitrust exposure for exchange of cyber risk information, even among direct competitors, was and remains almost non-existent.
Topics: Information Technology / Computer Law, Antitrust & Competition Law/Unfair Competition, Cyberspace Law / E-Commerce / Internet Law,
Businesses that deal in large quantities of personally identifiable information should not assume that its CGL policy will cover privacy issues, including data breaches, without ever actually examining the policy or consulting with its carrier.
Topics: Information Technology / Computer Law, Cyberspace Law / E-Commerce / Internet Law, Communications Law / Media Law,
Heads of agreement and other preliminary agreements are regularly entered into to record the key commercial terms agreed by the parties prior to embarking on the time consuming and costly process of preparing a final definitive agreement. Courts in Australia are often called upon to determine whether a preliminary agreement is enforceable given that, by their very nature, preliminary agreements are often prepared quickly and in an informal and non-legalistic manner. The purpose of this...
Topics: Contracts / Agency,
Thanks to the terrific teamwork of Barnes & Thornburg and our TerraLex team, 2014 TerraLex Indianapolis Global Meeting was a resounding success. Hundreds of attendees and guests from over 50 countries around the world were treated to a first-class experience in one of the best destinations for a business gathering in the United States.
Topics: TerraLex News,
Pepeliaev Group launched a fully-fledged service providing legal support for Korean investors in Russia - Korean Desk. Pepeliaev Group’s lawyers along with Korean specialists will provide support at all stages of a business process, including selecting a region to invest in, and a host of other matters.
Topics: TerraLex Members,
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