Finance & Banking

The TerraLex Finance & Banking Practice Group serves the network and its members by identifying and promoting practice skills and collaboration opportunities involving the following aspects of finance and banking law practice: 1) multi-jurisdiction lending and structured finance transactions of all types and including multiple types of collateral; 2) multi-creditor agreements and syndicated loan transactions; 3) financing issues associated with mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and related corporate transactions; 4) project finance of all types and structures including infrastructure and industrial projects; 5) lease finance and other non-owner funding transactions; 6) guaranteed and government-sponsored finance programs including export finance transactions supported by sovereign economic development agencies, such as the Export-Import Bank of the United States and its counterparts throughout the world; 7) derivatives and other hedging transaction structures; 8) investment funds; 9) sovereign and municipal finance transactions; 10) governmental risks and regulatory matters; 11) multi-national and credit market risks; and 12) foreign exchange and tax regulations related with multi-jurisdiction finance transactions. The group advocates robust membership including participation by each Member Firm and is committed to opportunities that allow interaction and discussion of growth and prosperity of each Member Firm.
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