Life Sciences

The TerraLex Life Sciences Practice Group consists of lawyers who assist clients across the broad spectrum of the life science industry, including universities and other academic and governmental institutions, and companies researching, developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical and biotechnology products and medical devices. Life Science Practice Group members work with their clients on issues specific to the industry, such as regulatory and compliance matters relating to the clinical testing, approval, pricing and promotion of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. They also advise clients on issues relating to the prosecution and enforcement of patents and other intellectual property rights, including marketing exclusivity and other issues requiring a high level of technical expertise or knowledge and experience with issues unique to this industry. Additionally, we regularly advise clients on a wide range of business transactions – both local and cross-broader transactions – where an intimate knowledge of, and experience with, the life science industry is required. Such transactions include equity financing, sponsored research, licensing, distribution, co-promotion and other research, development, manufacturing and marketing arrangements, and merger and acquisition transactions.
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