TerraLex Firms Successfully Serve Clients Across a Variety of Industry Sectors

TerraLex Firms Successfully Serve Clients Across a Variety of Industry Sectors

Food and Drink Client

A member firm asked for facilitated introductions to experts at 7 member firms across Europe in relation to a potential project for a client in the food and drink sector, seeking regulatory advice for a new project. Following the submission of fee proposals, the client has now instructed the firms.

Banking & Finance Client

A member firm asked for introductions to experts at member firms in the European Economic Area (27 members of the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) in relation to a fee proposal for a client looking for advice in relation to banking and finance. The client has now appointed firms to carry out the work.

Chinese Energy Client

A member firm in Europe participated in a proposal to a Chinese conglomerate with more than 95,000 employees across the globe and a turnover of more than 300 billion Chinese Renminbi, operating in the energy sector. The member firm presented TerraLex, and specific member firms, as a solution to the company’s legal needs in Europe. The tender process included a ‘virtual’ presentation to the company in China which showed great interest in the TerraLex network. 19 law firms participated in the second stage, and we are delighted that the European firm was chosen for a panel position.

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