TerraLex North America and Asia-Pacific Client Collaboration

TerraLex North America and Asia-Pacific Client Collaboration

A North American Member Firm required assistance from multiple jurisdictions to provide a sample business model, a template to record information applicable to the business model in each such countries and sample documents to determine if this would be enforceable in each such country if executed by a resident of such jurisdiction. Members from North America and the Asia-Pacific region provided the required information quickly and on budget, ensuring great client satisfaction.

Contact information

avatar Tim Shannon

Tim Shannon

Business Development Director - Asia-Pacific and South & Central America


Office: +1 305 539-0001

Mobile: +1 786-393-4000

avatar Andrea Wilt

Andrea Wilt

Business Development Director - North & Central America and the Caribbean

Office: +1 786 5988500

Mobile: +612 799-8869

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