Fairbridges Wertheim Becker: South Africa

Fairbridges Wertheim Becker: South Africa


SOUTH AFRICA TerraLex Locations: Capetown, Johannesburg

Established in 1812, Fairbridges Wertheim Becker is the oldest law firm in Africa. The firm's offices are in Cape Town, seat of South Africa's Parliament and capital city of the Western Cape Province, and in Johannesburg, commercial centre of the country and capital of Gauteng Province.

Fairbridges Wertheim Becker has a well-established local and international client base, and offers a full range of sophisticated professional legal services with extensive links with the public, private, financial, industrial, and corporate sectors. The firm is able to service the needs of its local and international clients, not only in South Africa itself, but throughout the Southern African sub-continent.

Practice areas

  • Corporate and Commercial
  • International Trade
  • Shipping
  • Patents & Trademarks
  • Litigation
  • Tax
  • Medical Litigation
  • Estates & Trusts
  • Labor
  • Property
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Environmental
  • Family

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