Tobar ZVS: Ecuador

Tobar ZVS: Ecuador


With 20 lawyers in Quito, Tobar ZVS has a leading and highly regarded business law practice in Ecuador. The firm was founded in 1993, with initial strengths in mining law and in intellectual property law (both prosecution and enforcement). The firm was recognized by the US State Department for the role played by its lawyers as primary draftsmen and promoters of the Ecuadorian Intellectual Property Law (1998).

Following a philosophy of innovation and expansion to such areas of practice where Tobar ZVS can have a leading presence in the market, its current leadership is the result of combining legal expertise for the corporate client doing business in Ecuador and abroad with strategic client support in non-legal areas that are critical to sustainable success, such as strategic communications, investor relationships, stakeholder engagement and best practices in corporate governance.

In terms of service delivery methods, Tobar ZVS has become the first services Firm in the region running with world class ERP (SAP) and Project Management technology, another landmark in it’s inherent innovation culture.

Practice areas

  • Conflict management and litigation, including arbitration and all forms of alternate dispute resolution as well as conventional litigation

  • Corporate, family business, and tax law, including formation of business entities, M&A and other transactions, corporate governance, tax planning and litigation, and family business planning and agreements

  • Intellectual property law (patents, trademarks, copyrights), including prosecution, registration, licensing, transactions, and agreements, as well as IP enforcement and litigation, all in such diverse fields as software and plant/botanical IP; and sports and entertainment law

  • Mining, Oil and gas, and infrastructure, including exploration, concessions, licensing, property acquisition, and related labor and environmental work

  • Sustainability strategy and communications, including development, implementation, and governance oversight over environmental sustainability, and social responsibility policies

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