Construction & Infrastructure

The Construction & Infrastructure Practice Group represents stakeholders in both the public and private sectors on projects all over the world, including:

Owners and tenants

Contractors and sub-contractors

Suppliers of equipment and materials

Professional consultants including architects, engineers, construction managers, quantity surveyors and cost consultants

Financiers including issuers of construction bonds and guarantees

Casualty and liability insurers

The group focuses on working collaboratively, both within the group itself as well as within the TerraLex network of firms to provide superior service and advice to our respective clients. Through the TerraLex network, clients benefit from the breadth of global access to practitioners as well as the deep knowledge of local experts.

Members are involved in all facets of construction and infrastructure projects, including project finance (e.g. public private partnerships), bid preparation, bid protests, prime and subcontract drafting and negotiation, incentives, building codes and zoning, licensing, contract administration, sustainable design construction, integrated project delivery, change order preparation and negotiation, claims preparation and negotiation, and all forms of dispute resolution, including Dispute Review Boards, mediation, arbitration and litigation in all forums.

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Construction & Infrastructure
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