International Dispute Resolution

A multinational dispute can become complicated with multiple touchpoints. Our role in the International Disputes Practice Group is to help clients make the complex simple.

Our lawyers work with clients on both local and cross-border disputes whether litigation, arbitration or mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. We advise on the full range of conflict resolution, including commercial disputes, joint venture and shareholder disputes, finance and banking, supplier, distributor and other contractual disputes, as well as asset-tracing and recoveries, corporate investigations, fraud and enforcement.

TerraLex lawyers offer specific regional knowledge from people who are on the ground: specific knowledge of the regulatory landscape, the court system, and of industry experts.

The International Disputes Practice Group is committed to providing top tier service to our clients, wherever they are in the world.

International Dispute Resolution
Group Leaders
avatar Jomo Nyaribo

Jomo Nyaribo


Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution


Office: +254 020 2737572

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