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Regulatory Investigations, White Collar Crime & Compliance

Regulatory Investigations, White Collar Crime & Compliance

In the intricate landscape of global commerce, companies face a myriad of legal risks and regulatory requirements. TerraLex’s Regulatory Investigations, White Collar Crime & Compliance Practice Group is your strategic ally in managing these challenges effectively. Our group consists of seasoned lawyers globally recognized for their expertise in high-stakes regulatory and compliance issues.

Key Services and Expertise:

Comprehensive Compliance Strategies: We develop and refine compliance programs to address the complexities of international regulations, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, and emerging data privacy and cybersecurity laws.

  • Crisis Management and Response: Our group stands ready to assist during corporate crises, providing rapid response capabilities to minimize legal exposure and manage regulatory investigations with discretion and strategic acumen.

  • Regulatory Defense and Investigations: Leveraging extensive experience not only as skilled defense counsel but also as former prosecutors, regulators, and in-house counsel, our attorneys handle civil and criminal investigations involving fraud, bribery, ethics violations, money laundering, and financial and trade sanctions.

  • Global Network, Local Expertise: Recognized leaders in their jurisdictions, our lawyers combine outstanding legal skills with deep business insights and strong local connections, ensuring that client representations are handled seamlessly and effectively.

As regulatory frameworks evolve, our practice group remains at the forefront of legal and technological developments. We understand the importance of being proactive in a world where regulatory scrutiny is intensifying, and compliance demands are becoming more complex.

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Regulatory Investigations, White Collar Crime & Compliance
Group Leaders
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Jonathan Cary



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Vikas Goel


New Delhi

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