Navigating the challenges of the global aviation sector – ever-increasing competition from new and traditional players; fluctuating prices for resources, labor, and fuel; responding to a variety of terrorist and cyber threats – is a critical part of success in the industry. That’s why businesses of all types rely on the lawyers of TerraLex member firms, whose broad collective experience in the aviation industry allows clients to benefit from sound, practical advice on essentially every business and legal issue they face, like complying with EU regulations or exporting aerospace materials without running afoul of ITAR or protecting your assets when your biggest debtor goes bankrupt.

TerraLex firms have a long history of collaboration in the aviation sector, meeting client needs around the world – members are located in more than 100 countries – seamlessly, cost-efficiently, and focused on delivering value so that their clients can focus on their own success. Our members have represented virtually every type of business in the commercial and general aviation sector, from aircraft manufacturers to national and international airlines, financial institutions to insurance companies, maintenance facilities to airports, investors, commercial drone operators, and more, on a broad range of legal and business matters: aircraft registration and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, licensing and documentation, restructuring and reorganization of bankrupt airlines, and more:

  • Airport operations
  • Aircraft purchase, repossession and foreclosure
  • Antitrust and competition
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring, and debt collection
  • Cape Town Convention
  • Contracts, including technical, maintenance, manufacturing, and storage contracts
  • Dispute resolution, including litigation & arbitration
  • Employment and immigration issues
  • Environmental permits, licenses, and approvals
  • Leasing and financings, including Ex-Im Bank and other ECA financings, pre-delivery payment (PDP) financings, lease securitizations, fractional ownership, and more
  • Export compliance, including ITAR, OFAC, etc.
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Licensing, compliance, and registration of aircrafts
  • Public procurement
  • Regulatory issues
  • Taxation
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