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The Sports & Entertainment industry is forever changing. With increased data from many sources, there have never been greater resources for improving how industry moguls advance their business and, ultimately, optimize the fan experience. New opportunities for mixed use developments, content, and providers are emerging at a record pace. As ventures become more global and lucrative, there is the continued need to protect physical, cyber, and intellectual assets. The intense competition for expansion also requires safeguards against corruption and brand exploitation. From the field to the track, backstage to the front office, and the stands to virtual reality, the TerraLex Sports & Entertainment Industry Team has the experience to help you tackle your most challenging issues.

With experience representing venues, leagues, clubs, franchise owners, broadcasters, advertisers, international and national governing bodies, rights holders, agencies and promoters, studios, distributors, event promoters, sponsors, investors, banks and other leading corporations and individuals, the TerraLex Sports & Industry Team lawyers – recognized leaders in their home jurisdictions – offer more than legal skills and business savvy to their clients; they provide superior client service, strong local connections, flexible billing practices, and a long tradition of working together to meet client needs in the most seamless and cost-effective manner possible.

Sports & Entertainment
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