TerraLex Members Work to Accelerate Freeway’s Cloud-Based Solutions Offerings

TerraLex Members Work to Accelerate Freeway’s Cloud-Based Solutions Offerings

Freeway, a leader in Latin America in the implementation and support for globally recognized Salesforce cloud-based solutions, can now accelerate Its offerings. The company relied upon TerraLex members to assist with a major investment by Salesforce. Facio & Cañas, our member for Costa Rica, hired the services of Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnel to create the Delaware entity and provide support for the revision of all investment agreements. Facio & Cañas Partner Federico Rucavado shared that Jeff Wolters of Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnel’s support was “excellent.” The goal is to move additional legal matters of the different Freeway subsidiaries in ten countries in Latin America to other TerraLex member firms in the future. Please click here to learn more about this new investment in Freeway and its plan for expanded services in the region.

Contact information

avatar Tim Shannon

Tim Shannon

Regional Director, Asia-Pacific and South America


Office: +1 305 539-0001

Mobile: +1 786-393-4000

avatar Andrea Wilt

Andrea Wilt

Regional Director, North America, Central America & Caribbean

Office: +1 786 5988500

Mobile: +612 799-8869

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