When TerraLex Members Engage With One Another Everyone Wins

When TerraLex Members Engage With One Another Everyone Wins

A US member requested assistance from the TerraLex team when pitching an international company looking for a one-stop-shop to assist with global legal needs. The prospective client has potential to require assistance in as many as 57 jurisdictions around the globe. Within 24 hours, the TerraLex team provided specific information on each member that aligned with the prospect’s business locations. The US member won the work based on the solution of engaging with TerraLex members around the world.

Contact information

avatar Tim Shannon

Tim Shannon

Regional Director, Asia-Pacific and South America


Office: +1 305 539-0001

Mobile: +1 786-393-4000

avatar Andrea Wilt

Andrea Wilt

Regional Director, North America, Central America & Caribbean

Office: +1 786 5988500

Mobile: +612 799-8869

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